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The Scotch Pine is the most popular Christmas tree in the United States. It's a hardy little tree and is easy to grow, which makes it a favorite tree for tree farms to grow for holiday decorations. The needles are around an inch long and they don't fall off when the tree is dry. This makes it easy to clean up in January and it doesn't look like the plant dragged itself out of your house leaving a trail of blood...make that dry, pointy needles...out of your front door.

Like most Christmas trees, the Scotch Pine can be recycled and turned into mulch. Be careful if you have goats around because they'll be happy to eat the tree and act like they're stoned.

The color is a brighter green and can last the whole holiday season if it is properly watered. They grow relatively quick, up to eight feet tall in seven years, but they do have some issues when it comes to insects and diseases.

Iron Noder 2017

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