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Born: 05-12-1975

Musical artist typically associated with the genres of electronica and hip hop. Produces albums under the aliases Prefuse 73, Savath & Savalas and Delarosa and Asora. A resident of Atlanta, Georgia, he helped co-found the musical collective known as Eastern Developments Music. A virtual unknown until 2000, he released an album and several EPs under each of his pseudonyms by 2001. The music he creates is as varied as the names under which he releases his albums. All of his efforts are complex and innovative musical creations - he continually challenges himself as much as he does the listener. Recommended for anyone interested in hip hop or quality electronica.

Mr. Herren explains one his nom de guerres

“The name Prefuse 73 comes from my devotion to pre-fusion jazz circa 1973. A lot of records that I cherish and get the most inspiration from were recorded between ‘68 and ’73. During that time there seemed to be an extreme amount of exploration and integration of new sounds drawn from electric and foreign instruments into an otherwise traditional format. This new approach went hand in hand with these musicians’ emerging spiritual awakenings. In my opinion, there isn't another area of time within any genre that holds such a prolific outpouring of beautiful, mind expanding music.” 1

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