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Sam Bignall (vocals)
Tony McCormack (guitars)
Mal Page (bass, organ, piano)
Mark Ogilvie (drums)

British punk/goth band, based in Cheltenham and later Gloucester. Formed in 1978 by Tony McCormack, who was later to become better known with Inkubus Sukkubus, though they did not see the light of vinyl until the release of their 1982 single Valley of the Dead.

One of the most underrated bands of the early Goth scene, possibly because of they defied classification by drifting easily between punk and goth with the odd forage into ska. Their versatility let them to sound at times like Madness, at other times like The Sound and sometimes like a very average punk band. Their primary influence are clearly The Damned.

Despite the odd spot of mediocrity, their musical skills are not to be questioned and, following their dissolution in 1987 after which the world pretty much forgot them, they reappeared ten years later like a ghost from the past but by no means a ghost of their former selves. Ghosts figure prominently in their lyrics, as do various other nasties.


Either of these albums is good to start out with. Tracks you might like are Methadonia and Serenade of Suicide. The former will appeal more to Goths whereas the latter is more punk-ish.

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