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Sculpey: a polymer based modeling compound.

Sculpey is made of PVC and platicizer (phthalic esters). It is indended to be used for arts and crafts. Sculpey is a soft material, usually white, and very smooth. When modeled it holds its shape well and can be hardend in an oven at around 400 F. While it is great to use for modeling, its fumes and dust are highly toxic so it's not good for eating off of, or smoking out of.

Sculpey is available at Wal-Mart and most art supply stores. If you want, you can contact the makers:

Polyform Products Company, Inc.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


"Sculpey 2" or "Super Sculpey" is a second-generation sculpey.  It is a tannish neutral tone, it is softer, less crumbly, is easier to get started (sculpey you have to kneed forever to get it pliable). Sculpey 2 also sands, scrapes, finishes, and paints more smoothly than its ancestor.

Colored Sculpey--Sculpey III--is also available in 44 different colors, although it's pretty much just standard fimo clay, no better or worse.

The main advantage sculpey has over most sculpting mediums is that it *can* be baked in a standard home oven, so projects can be done entirely in the home, with no need for a kiln. Really good for school craft projects.

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