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A rigid-hulled high-speed inflatable boat, the Searider from Avon Inflatables is the standard issue for inshore and offshore law enforcement, rescue and patrol.

Extremely fast and maneouverable, the boats can be carried on the back of larger vessels, and lowered into the water when a more flexibile craft is required.

Extra equipment can easily be accommodated in these large craft, including self-righting mechanisms, and immersion-proof electronics.

Product Line

Sizes begin at 4 meters, suitable for 6 crew, and go up to 8.4 meters with the capacity for 24 people. Depending on the size, engines range from a single outboard to twin outboards, or even inboard diesel.

The top speed of the largest craft is a frankly scary 55mph with its twin 250hp motors. If that doesn't sound bad... imagine the highway with waves.


Seariders are used in many high speed law enforcement and rescue operations, as well as for firefighting. Well known users include:


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