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The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (or Sea-Tac) resides, as you might guess from the name, about halfway between Seattle and Tacoma. Sea-Tac is, much to the dismay of its denizens and the amusement of the Seattleites, technically a city of its own.

If you'd like to page someone in the Sea-Tac Airport, call 206-433-5229.

If want to get in to Seattle it'll cost you about $2 on the Metro, $7.50 on the Airport Express, $18 in the Shared Ride Vans, and $30 for a taxi.

The parking is horrible. A twisted labyrinthine nightmare shoots into the sky in front of the main airport terminal, desperately trying to pass itself off as a parking lot.

Once you've parked, the fun begins. The airport is a recreation center for those unfortunate enough to grow up in Sea-Tac and even some from the real city north of Sea-Tac.

So much to do!

  1. Ride around in a courtesy wheelchair. They're free!
  2. Ride back and forth on the Satellite Transit System (read: train.)
    The fun increases when you combine this with a courtesy wheelchair. When the train stops, you roll from one side of the car to the other.
  3. Get overcharged for bad coffee from airport Starbucks outlets. You'll pay. You'll pay because you're addicted.
  4. Ride up and down in the escalators.
  5. Run down the empty terminals in the middle of the night with only the red eye crowd to chat with.
  6. Browse through the magazines. "Look, the King Dome before it was demolished to be replaced with Safeco Field!"
  7. Identify other people who aren't just at the airport to pick someone up and nod knowingly as you pass each other by...

In reality, the Sea-Tac Airport has much to offer. Join us, take a big breath of recycled air, and grab a seat as the planes roll by.

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