A car with front and back seats, usually seating four people. It may have either two or four doors. Often termed a saloon car in England. Not to be confused with a coupe, roadster, or convertible.


Automotive Term

A sedan is a fully enclosed four door automobile. With full width seats in front and rear. A sedan should have a passenger capacity of 4 - 6 people. According to Car and Driver, the term "sedan" refers to a fixed-roof car with at least four doors or any fixed-roof two-door car with at least 33 cubic feet of rear interior volume.

Related names include close-coupled sedan, saloon car, convertible sedan, imperial sedan, and Landaulet sedan.

Se*dan" (?), n. [Said to be named from Sedan, in France, where it was first made, and whence it was introduced into England in the time of King Charles I.]

A portable chair or covered vehicle for carrying a single person, -- usually borne on poles by two men. Called also sedan chair.


© Webster 1913.

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