See her, talk that woman over there, how she gestures and smiles and nods. Her tone is animated, her opinion marked, and clearly expressed, and often forceful.

See her listen, head tilted, interest obvious, giving acknowledgement in all the right places, asking the right questions, all the time, her body language backing her up.

See her reach out with a gentle touch on her friend's arm, eyes so empathic

She is very, convincing, don't you think? You could watch her for hours and never for a moment guess that she wasn't human.

Or I could, at least.

She is my creation, and I'm proud of her.

She takes over from me, when I need her. When my inner coward needs to curl up in a corner in the foetal position hiding from the world, and the things about it that scare me or hurt me, she fulfils my obligations. When my angry side wants to tear and rend, to lash out and inflict damage, she steps smoothly in and does all the civilised things while my soul rails and rages.

She is my Stepford self

See her talk, and admire her.

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