A Canadian upstart magazine that is the brainchild of 21 year old Adam Bly. Seed seeks to produce pieces that meld science with culture or as the mission statement reads, "to seek out science's place in culture and culture's place in science."

A bi-monthly production that is about to see its third edition rolled out, Seed has generated a ton of industry buzz since it's inception. The majority of the of the talk is due mostly to it's editor-in-chief, cancer researcher turned media god, Bly. It also doesn't hurt that since its launch on March 5 of this year it has amassed a subscriber base of 250,000.

Examples of recent stories include Singapore speed dating (science: birth rates; culture: dating and relating), and physicist Robert Oppenheimer's communist leanings (science: the atomic bomb; culture: political parties).

Marketed primarily to both professional women and men in the 25 to 40 demographic, Seed is strategically placed in the general interest section of your local newstand.

Perhaps it is best decribed as the lovechild of Tuesday's New York Times Science section and Vanity Fair.

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