Seg*men"tal (?), a.


Relating to, or being, a segment.

2. Anat. & Zool. (a)

Of or pertaining to the segments of animals; as, a segmental duct; segmental papillae.


Of or pertaining to the segmental organs.

Segmental duct Anat., the primitive duct of the embryonic excretory organs which gives rise to the Wolffian duct and ureter; the pronephric duct. -- Segmental organs. (a) Anat. The embryonic excretory organs of vertebrates, consisting primarily of the segmental tubes and segmental ducts. (b) Zool. The tubular excretory organs, a pair of which often occur in each of several segments in annelids. They serve as renal organs, and often, also, as oviducts and sperm ducts. See Illust. under Sipunculacea. -- Segmental tubes Anat., the tubes which primarily open into the segmental duct, some of which become the urinary tubules of the adult.


© Webster 1913.

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