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"Who are us?"

Semi Automatic Turban is a fictional band of the World Fusion genre, and is in reality just another of the aliases of internet comedy god Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka. 

"In our home nation we had a many successes but now the aquatic divide has been crossed and our North American fortunes will soon be in the money bin. Semi Automatic Turban was founded in the AMERICAN year of 1989 and our first homemade compacts D's manufactured from the knee-twisted labor of our Grandparents own hands and homemade material sold quite well to local chums as well as the new of the lovers."

They have a few tracks out, and have a site on mp3.com.  Their main page, however, is on SomethingAwful (www.somethingawful.com).  There's something there about "Dreams of Children" of which I can't really make out to one thing or another, and if the page won't confuse you, the music surely will.  One cannot really distinguish exactly where their so-called "homeland" is, but I'm guessing it is somewhere in the middle east, hence the name Semi Automatic Turban, and their apparent anger over the Sept 11th tragedy.

"17 February 01 - Take up an arm or many because the AMERICA is attacking Iraq. We are not from Iraq because they are dirty and men are bedded together in a common household but any a children is involved our music will not be the better. So FAN FUN SECTION contains a terse word for you new president and we expect rest!"

Their songs include such hits as:

  • Dunes of Hazarred
  • Barn Rasin Un-Mercy
  • Mirth Day of Birth
  • and, Back from the Deadly

Their newest album, "FAR EAST INFECTION", is another thing that I can't really make front or back of. 

"Welcome to our Internet home worry traveler! Please do enjoy the music we have maked. As you can see our first I-Net Album is here! This is starting of INTERnational big!"

Sources: http://www.somethingawful.com/automaticturban

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