Sennheiser's HD 570 "Symphony" headphones are aural bliss for only $150. Not only will they sound better than any set of speakers you could buy for that price, but they make great earmuffs when walking to the computer lab in the dead of winter. The only drawback to owning a nice pair of headphones like these is realizing how crappy all those MP3s sound. *sigh* It's a small price to pay.

"$150!" you shout, "how could anyone spend so much on headphones?" But us 570 owners smile with that contented self-confidence that we share with Herman Miller Aeron chair owners. But secretly envy those with $450 to spend on the HD 600 model.

HD 570 phones weigh only 7.4 ounces, and have velvety-soft cushions that surround your ears without pressing on any tender earflesh. Spend hours working with these and you'll forget you're wearing them until someone punches you on the shoulder 'cause they've been yelling at you to turn around and you've been ignoring them.

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