In my home state of Ohio it is illegal to arrest someone on the Fourth of July or any Sunday. In the capital city of Columbus, it is also illegal to sell Corn Flakes on Sunday. Sundays are a great time of joy when anyone can sell corn flakes and not get arrested for it.

In my country, everything is legal. Our crime rate is zero. All of your laws are therefore senseless!

The sensibility of a law has no real bearing on the rate of crime, the existence of a law does. It does not logically follow that if many citizens break a law because they see it as pointless that said law should be abolished.

Of course those countries in Europe that legally allow for the use of marijuana have a lower crime rate than in the US, or Canada; They have fewer laws!How is that any indication that current drug laws elsewhere are senseless?

Which crimes contributed to the 40% rise in Australia? Was the rise in crime possibly a result of the fact that the previously enjoyed right to bear arms was essentialy revoked, Making those who still possesed firearms criminals?

There are senseless laws. But defining a law as senseless based on the overall rate of crime is hardly fair. It's existence (or absense) will change that number no matter how much you like it. However, any given law can affect the frequency of a different law being broken.

While the amount of violent crimes in the US is higher than some other coutries with stricter gun control (eg. Canada), they have a far lower rate of burglary. On one hand, more people die, but their homes aren't robbed as often. On the other, fewer die, but get their cooler stolen from their igloo more frequently. Who decides which is better?

Unfortunately, educating our children to be more responsible requires that we (those who will teach them) have an equal amount of common sense and the same values. Sadly this isn't the case. We need a method of documenting and enforcing what is permissible in society. And that, my friends, is the concept of law, law enforcement, the judical system and correctional services. And the only time that current gun and drug laws might change would be shortly before the next election.

(I am not a lawyer, policer officer, judge, parole officer or criminal psychologist, nor am I in any way involved with any of those parties. Until they catch me anyways...)

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