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So it's been a bit of an exciting day. I unfortunately had my first seizure this morning. (Luckily I DIDN'T have it while driving I-80 to work...)

My right arm started to twitch, and I was having trouble typing. I went into the bathroom to take one of the drugs, and then my right arm REALLY started to twitch - it was jumping up and down...I also started to get dizzy. I thought, I'm having a seizure! and went in to the kitchen to call 911, and by the time I got there I was losing my balance. I started to dial with my right hand, and realized it wouldn't work. I dialed 911 with my left, and then my whole right side went out from under me. Very VERY weird experience, to have your mental perception of half of your body disappear. I heard the dispatcher asking what was wrong, I couldn't talk, but I yelled and then it was like a huge electrical shock.

I managed to bite the hell out of my tongue, too.

Next thing I knew, there were seven GINORMOUS policemen at the door - all the dispatcher heard was me yelling before I passed out, so they were expecting a home invasion or a domestic violence scene. They had to "secure the premesis" before the EMTs could come in, so I went out and sat with ginormous policeman number 5.

No doubt Village Homes has not seen that many cop cars in a while - five, and two fire trucks...so I went to Sutter ER, via ambulance, and had another CT scan, and the swelling around the brain tumor is back up. Durn.

Fallout -

I can't drive until the Doc and the DMV clear me.

If I have another one, I'm supposed to lie down on my side until it's over, and then head for the ER.

So other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

I'm a little frustrated. I was really wishing for a short BREAK from medical fol de rol.


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