A sinking eerie depression has sunk in over my impending life choices thus far. I'm numb to most everything but the thrill of the next adventure, but that next adventure should really be the prospect of settling down with my loving and wonderful girlfriend.

Yet here I am, about to embark on another bike tour, this time out on the notoriously rocky and brutal Colorado Trail. Am I prepared to leave in just six days? Likely not, but so has been the past few tours I've gone on. Only difference this time is that I have actual prospects for my freelance business that I should be pursuing instead but I'm letting them slide and going off with my younger buddy and his girlfriend into the reckless abandon of the Colorado backcountry.

But also excited. Being back in the thick of it among nature and it's humble and soothing zen. Not to mention the glorious bounty of beautiful views and tremendously fun singletrack. It's going to be wild and I'm thinking I may just go for the full thing (Denver > Durango) as a solo mission once Zach and Gretta bail out at Salida (Zach's got a wedding to attend in Seattle).

Hoorah, yeah it's okay, all good now that I've talked through it with myself. Amped again for adventure!

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