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It occurred to me recently that, by its nature, E2 supports a view on friendship that was often given voice by my late wife. Years of experience have, in general, vindicated her observation. It goes something like this: Friendships that form quickly tend to be short-lived. Friendships that grow slowly over time can often last a lifetime.

The "mission drive within everything" on my Home Node says, "To find out what it is", and I don't have much perspective on how far my journey toward fulfilling that mission has come. It definitely is far from over! My sense is that, when it comes to the social aspects of this virtual world, I perceive only "through a glass darkly". Some people used to seem unfriendly to me in my efforts to "reach out" socially. I no longer assume that they are. That might be the case but it could also be that they are simply watching and waiting and taking things slowly. Either way, it's OK by me. Forming lasting friendships often takes time.

One week from this Thursday my son and I will be landing at Sea-Tac in Seattle. My niece is getting married on Saturday and we will be there through Monday. If any noders who read this live in the greater Seattle area and want to grab a coffee or ?, message me. I've still never met a noder in real life and must concede that, much like the unicorn and dragon, they may be mythical creatures. And, like the other mythical creatures mentioned, I would still like to meet one in real life. Not too sure about the dragon.

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