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Shakespeare Fishing

Shakespeare began manufacturing mid range quality, yet historically very durable fishing equipment in 1897. This product line is frequently sold at Wal-Mart and many sporting goods stores.

They turn out rods, reels, monofilament fishing line, and even outdoor folding chairs.

Their product catalog for rods, includes everything from ultra-light setups to marine rods, my favorite all-around rod is their Ugly-Stik Lite, for trout spinning. The Ugly-Stik rods happen to be the best selling line in the past 25 years according to Shakespeare.

They also have an extensive collection of spinning and spincast reels, bait casting, fly reels and ultralight reels.

For children they make a fishing kit, usually with a Looney Tunes, or Scooby-Doo character on a spincasting reel with a matching color rod. Personally my first one was a Snoopy rod and reel, but Shakespeare did not make those.

Shakespeare also makes tackle boxes and various other accessories.

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