An excellent line of Porn videos for anyone who isn't into anything particularly twisted. As of July 2000, there are 23 videos in the series.

The woman who directs them, Shane, was once the girlfriend and star actress of 'Gonzo' porn director Seymour Butts. After breaking up with him, she set out to direct her own line of videos in the same style as Seymour, with the same amount of success.

Shane herself appears in the first few volumes, but after her marriage to some guy who's name I can't recall (he's a member of the band Orgy), she's stopped participating in the actual sex scenes.

Shane's work closely resembles Seymour's, but has a few major improvements:

  • She's not as hung up as Seymour is about getting anal penetration out of each of her stars. Instead, everyone seems to do whatever turns them on (which usually does include anal and other kinky stuff once or twice a video).
  • Seymour became popular because his vids seemed pretty unscripted: He'd meet a girl, and they'd have sex, and he'd film it. This might have happened once or twice for real, but lately, he just opens the door to his house, camcorder in hand recording, to see to his 'surprise' two porn stars who just 'happened' to drop by.
    Shane drops the pretenses, but keeps the unscripted feel: She claims to rent out a beach house for a weekend, invite all her porn friends over to party, and record the proceedings. From her movies that I have watched, I have seen no indication that this is false. If anything is scripted, it's probably to the extent of saying 'hey, we're all pretty buzzed, let's shoot a scene right now.'
  • She's introduced the concept of 'fan fucks' to the genre. That's right: you can send her a video of yourself, or email her from her web site, and if she's suitably impressed, she'll invite you out to the party, or at least to do a scene with one of her colleagues that will go in the next video.
  • And finally, the thing that makes Shane's World series the porn you want to watch with your girlfriend: NO UGLY GUYS. That's right, no Ron Jeremy or Ed Powers or Randy West is to be found in this series, just young studs with good bodies in their 20s that any girl would want to fuck.
If you want to see beautiful people having fun and having sex, then rent one of these videos. I have to warn you, however, that it's a little depressing to watch them alone: Seeing beautiful people enjoy themselves while you, the guy with a Master's Degree but no girlfriend, sit at home wanking off is enough to drive you to some sobering thoughts. Also, if you don't like condoms, you won't like this series, because after about number 8, all guys are wearing them.

Shane also puts out a line called Shane's Slumber Party, which is basically the same thing, but girls-only. If you want to see either, then check out your finer video store or go to the web site at

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