A ska-rap band, the current brainchild of musical "genius" Nick Salvatore. Presently in the fetal stage of development, the Shaolin Punks are more a concept than a reality. They represent another culmination of Salvatore's theory of musical convergence, the theory that all possible combinations of musical genres will occur as old varieties become stale.

The Punks are named for an unintentionally hilarious line of translation Salvatore read while watching Iron Monkey. Chris Echave, a figure in the DC idea scene, theorized that "Shaolin Punks" sounded like a rapping ska band. Salvatore, never to be outdone, decided to assemble the band.

How far the creation of the band will progress will most likely depend on the percieved artistic impact of the idea in local circles, as it is essentially a manifestation of a creative ideal.

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