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do you ever wonder what it's going to be? the thing, that flash that will push you to take the final step. maybe it will be the thought'y words of a friend. maybe it will be something on the news. or a soft whisper echoing from within the catacombs of mercurial darkness. the orange and blue swirls fucking in the vapors, showing themselves before a perverted sun. or maybe it will be a gliding leaf caught in the dynamics of a springtime breeze. you see your path. you know what to do. you see yourself on the other side, but you idle. hiding in the trance induced by incremental improvement. seduced by the compression of trivialities. you are held buy the azurite crutches of those who would love you. you paint happiness, but I can see it's aqueous. it will dissolve in your tears the next time it gets cold. the next time you will wish you had found it, whatever it is. do you wonder what it's going to be?

did you ever think to ask?

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