"The world was getting tight and confusing and I wasn't sure of anything anymore. He was there, loving me, and I felt scared of him and it and, well, and so, I left. No goodbyes, no nothing. I don't know if it was me I couldn't face or if it was him, but whatever or whoever it was I couldn't face it. Besides, I had other plans and it just wouldn't work out."

"She moves on, without a word or a glance backwards. She's gone, just like that, and in a sense I'm glad for it, for her. She's going to do her thing and find her way in life. Bon voyage."

"My life is barren without you. Why did you have to go and just evaporate like that? Where's my closure? If I never hurt you, how come you felt compelled to hurt me?"

"The only offensive word left in the English language is goodbye. It's so final and yet so empty. That's why I never say goodbye, even to someone I love."

"I walked out of his life, without remorse and without guilt. And why not? He walked out on me a long time ago."

"She said that we could be friends when it was all over. Well, now it's over and what's happened? She doesn't acknowledge my existence. It's like we never knew each other. I look in her eyes and the thing that I saw when we smiled at each other, so long ago, is just... gone, like her. No recognition, nothing. In a way, it's sad and insulting. I thought I was worth more than that. I thought I meant more than just some.. stranger."

"This place, and you, have become like my second home, a home I never knew could exist anywhere. But this is it. Now I'm leaving home/saying goodbye."

"I left him a note on his windshield. It read: this is me, saying goodbye. How could I know it would rain and make the note dissolve into nothing? It's his fault for not noticing it. I tried to say goodbye, he just wasn't around to hear me."

"Ten minutes after you left, my heart broke and I cried. I wish I could give this to you and make you understand what you've done to my heart, but I know that I'll never send this letter to you. The funny thing is that I never said goodbye back. For some damn reason I thought I'd see you again."

"My world is cold and without hope, now that you're gone. I wish I'd had the chance to wish you well. Now I just wish you were back here, so I could scream at you for being so rude and thoughtless."

"Goodbye," she said silently, knowing that he couldn't hear it as he drove away. "I'll miss you." What she didn't know was that he was saying the same thing at the same time, wishing she could hear him and knowing that she never would because she had never heard him before.

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