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Shea Seger was born in Fort Worth, Texas and grew up in Quitman, Texas listening to her father's music collection. But her career started when she moved to London, where she recorded her debut album The May Street Project. Most of the songs are authored by herself and her producer and friend Martin Terefe. In my opinion the song writing is the only not so great thing about this CD, as I find it is too unpersonal and replaceable (short: too much Pop). The music itself is great. Shea Seger, though only 21 years old, has a great knowledge of music and mixes Hip Hop, Blues, Soul and Pop elements. Her music is not as one-dimensional,as her song-writing but very experimental. Her great voice supports this experience.

2001 The May Street Project

The May Street Project, 2001
Produced by Martin Terefe (also backing vocals and some instruments) in London
Mixed by Commissioner Gordon and Martin Terefe
Released by BMG International and RCA
Also released as an Enhanced CD containing a short documentary
Song listing:
1. Last Time (Seger/Terefe/Whitecross)
2. Clutch (Kenna/Seger)
3. Blind Situation (Seger/Whitecross/Williams)
4. Shatterwall (Seger/Terefe/Whitecross)
5. Roof Top Animals (Seger/Whitecross)
6. I Love You Too Much (Seger/Terefe/Whitecross)
7. Walk on Rainbows (Seger/Terefe/Whitecross)
8. Always (Terefe/Whitecross)
9. Twisted(Seger/Terefe/Whitecross)
10. Wasting the Rain (Ruff)
11. Isn't It Good (Seger/Terefe/Whitcross)
12. I Can't Lie (Seger/Terefe/Whitecross)
13. May Street (Seger/Whitecross)

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