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A colloquialism meaning "to put aside" or "to do away with".

Literally meaning "Put it on the shelf," the term suggests a temporary action where the "shelved" (as it's also called) item is again picked up at some point. However, the item may indeed be discarded for good. Then, that thing's history. Toast, yesterday's news. Watch my tail lights and color me gone, daddio....

But it doesn't always mean that.

Most anything can be shelved, whether ideas or physical items. Businesses shelve products and product ideas, governments shelve ideologies, people shelve discussions, husbands & wives shelve each other, and you can shelve your own inner demons, but only to a later date.

Or it could be as simple as, one Sunday afternoon you're thinking about mowing the lawn and you decide to shelve it 'til later, the big game's on and there's cold beer in the 'fridge. The bloody grass can wait.

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