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A space to write about me? Bother.

I'll think of something...

What I like most about E2: Writeups that give insight into how others feel, and the experiences they've had. A lot of good work out there.

Job: electronics engineer training with the UK National Health Service, which should lead to developing useful technical stuff to help clinicians treat patients, or assist people with disabilities.

Based: London & Guildford


  • Engineering/science things, security, environment & sustainability.
  • Leisure - principally cycling (and semi-retired caver).
  • Volunteer - youth group helper; conservation work.
  • Social issues - developing interest (if no great knowledge) of how and why society works and fails; fairness; perceptions of rights and responsibilities; 'management' of opinion and dissent. Not just a political view, but how differing views coexist.

I'd like to write something good for E2, but I doubt my writing skill (beyond technical subjects, for which there are already encyclopedias). It is one thing to appreciate good writing, quite another to be able to produce to the same high standards. Perhaps one of my pet rants could be refined into a suitable essay.

Enough for now.