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Released in late May of 2002 by Mythic Entertainment, Shrouded Isles is an expansion to the popular MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. It was generally well received by the fanbase and it was liked much more so than the later expansion pack Trials of Atlantis. At release, it included around 6 new zones per realm in a new continent that is slightly smaller than the original lands. It added one new race and two new classes per realm, which became moderately popular. It also added various improvements to the original client, including official programming for windowed mode and updates to the rendering engine.

Mythic designed two new epic dungeons per realm for the expansion pack, where one can find phat lewt. I've had experence with the two Albion epic dungeons, Caer Sidi and Kromdon. Caer Sidi is laid out in several levels, where you must defeat each boss to trigger doors or passageways from being unlocked. The most powerful opponent at the bottom (and probably one of the most difficult mobs in the game) is the anthropomorphic form of Apocalypse and his friends the four horsemen. Kromdon is a citadel of Ogres that is less difficult than Sidi and is nestled between two mountains. In nearby Caer Diogel you can find one or two quests involving this dungeon that have nice experience and item rewards. Note well that both dungeons at least need several groups to even enter and probably more to get to the bottom of.

The three new races for Albion, Hibernia and Midgard are the Inconnu, the Sylvan, and the Valkyn. The new stats for the races are as follows:

Inconnu: 50 STR 60 CON 70 DEX 50 QUI 70 INT 60 PIE 60 EMP 60 CHA
Sylvian: 70 STR 60 CON 55 DEX 45 QUI 70 INT 60 PIE 60 EMP 60 CHA
Valkyn: 55 STR 45 CON 65 DEX 75 QUI 60 INT 60 PIE 60 EMP 60 CHA

You can group the new classes into two rough categories, the modified tanks and the uber fast leveling classes. In the former, we have the hybrid tank casters called the Reaver and the Valewalker for Albion and Hibernia. Midgard gets the Savage, a lightly armored, hard and quick hitting melee class. In the latter category, we have the Necromancer in Albion, who can recover power from successful damage spells, the Animist from Hibernia who can lay out an army of shrooms, and the Bonedancer for Midgard who can summon an army of skeletons and usually has an instant lifetap.

Another interesting feature that was added to the game included a random object generator, which will produce items that can drop from common monsters and will have randomized but class appropriate stats on them. Some things were tagged on retroactively, like one new zone per realm. Overall, it was a well designed expansion pack that added to the game in numerous ways.

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