A standard for connecting hard disk drives to personal computers. Prevalent in the early 1980s but has since become the Small Computer System Interface standard (SCSI).

SASI supported signalling speeds of 1.5 Mbytes / second, which although slow by today's standards, was quite decent at the time.
Shugart Associates, lead by Alan Shugart, was the developer of SASI. (Shugart Associates later became Seagate).
Wanting to get SASI made into an ANSI standard, Shugart Associates teamed up with NCR Corporation in 1981 to convince ANSI to set up a committee to standardise the interface.
In 1982, the technical committee, as well as making changes to the interface to improve performance of SASI, changed the name to Small Computer System Interface, or SCSI.

In 1986, the first true SCSI standard was published.

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