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The practice of avoiding major highways and turnpikes while traveling from point A to point B, usually while on vacation or during a leisurely Sunday drive.

The benefits of shunpiking are as follows:

1) Less stress

2) Fewer tailgating truckers to contend with

3) No tolls

And more importantly,

4) Interesting sights along the way

Reason no. 4 is the probably the primary reason given for shunpiking. When limiting travel to major highways, one may miss out on the Mom and Pop country stores, muffler men, barbecue joints, roadhouses, caverns, dinosaur statues, and general culture that exists off the beaten path. Or perhaps, none of these things exist on a given secondary, tertiary, or country road. In that case, one can simply enjoy the view.

Shunpiking. All it takes is a good map and some extra time.

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