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From Monty Python's Election Night Special sketch.

One of the two major political parties, the other one being the Sensible Party. Their candidates are characterized by strange clothing and long and silly names.

Name of the Silly candidate in Lester:
Jethro Q. Bonwackit Bozitstabon Boot Walrus Titty

Name of the Silly candidate in Leuton:
Tarquin Fin Tim Lim Bim Lim Bim Bim Bim Bim Bus-stop Fa-tang Fa-tang Olay Biscuit Barrel

Name of the Slightly Silly candidate in Leuton:
Kevin Phillips Bong

Name of the Silly candidate in Harponton Southeast:
Mrs. Elsie Zzzzzzzip

Name of the unofficial Very Silly candidate in Harponton Southeast:
Malcon Peter Brian Telescope Adrian Blackpool Rock Stoat Gobbler John Raw Vegetable <strange noise> Norman Michael <ring bell> <whistle> Eggwhite <train-whistle-like noise> Choomadachoomadachoomadachoomada <buzz> Thomas Mooooo <sing We'll keep a welcome in the..."> <gunshot> William <different whistle> <sing "Raindrops keep falling on my..."> <another different whistle> <sing "Don't sleep in the subway"> <whistle> Neueueueueueu Smith

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