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Linda is my sister.

She is a 36 year old woman who for the last 20 years has been locked within a horrible prison named schizophrenia. Even when taking her meds she is not very quick to seek out others or to start conversations even with the members of her family. That is why it came as quite a shock to me when she asked me if I was still writing on this site.

When I replied that ' yes I was', she asked if I could do her a favor and put a poem that she had written for our deceased Father out where other people could read it. To say the least I was shocked, as her usual treatment of the rest of the world is to hide from it, and picking up a pen to write is just unheard of.

I agreed to do so.

Why this came about now, seven years after Dad died I guess only she knows.

The spacing and grammar are hers

Lighting the way
Space is the empty
and time can't loan me
my vision is my Father
and I am forever more

As we could see your eyes
The way was brought to us
beyond the velvet skies
A willow whispering felt more unrest
than we in our times
of our harsh goodbyes

Life beyond silver horses
dashing at midnite
Life where an answer is found by locking it up
Freedom is the last glimmering moment of a star
Flying off to be alone

Space is the empty
and time can't loan me

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