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The Ska Against Racism tour was used to call attention to racial injustices still remaining in the United States. Mumia Abu-Jamal, The Move 9 and such were publicized between bands. Not to mention the bands, mostly from Asian Man Records, were damn good.

I caught it with my brother and girlfriend in North Carolina, April, 1998. This is the wettest I've ever gotten at a concert. Sure, they sprayed water on everyone, but the water was scarce and did little to quench the heat of the crowd. I was literally soaked with others' sweat. I bought two shirts and several albums; After the show I tore off my wet rag of a shirt and threw it in the car's trunk, mopped myself up with shirt #2, and wore the third relatively dry shirt home.

The line-up changed a little depending on location, but let's see if I can't remember everyone...

  • Kemuri - a Japanese band that really kicked it. The band members were so into it - during the Blue Meanies' set one of them climbed out and hung from the rafters over the crowd
  • Blue Meanies - Awesome. Got everyone involved in a smoking song - "Pave Pave the World!" - they had us all by the balls
  • Less Than Jake - Sweet, of course. Audience participation, songs I knew well enough to sing along. Lots o' fun
  • Mu330 - This was the first time I heard them, and they played near the beginning, so I don't remember much
  • Mustard Plug - Replaced Mu330 at half the shows
  • Mike Park - Did several The B. Lee Band songs, I think with Mu330 as the band.
  • The Toasters - I knew little of them then, but loved em anyway

    Who did I forget?
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