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The Skeksis are one of two races from Jim Hensons's movie The Dark Crystal which spawned after the Great Conjunction (the other being the Ur-ru, or Mystics). It was the Skeksis which took on the hatred of the world, and became twisted, vulture-like creatures. They took control of the castle where the Dark Crystal was kept and protected it, for it gave them their power. The Skeksis feared Gelflings and attempted to irradicate them, due to a prophecy that said a Gelfling would destroy them.

The Remaining Ten Skeksis
skekZok, the Ritual-Master
skekUng, the Garthim-master
skekTek, the Scientist
skekAguk, the Gourmand
skekNa, the Slave-Master
skekShod, the Treasurer
skekOk, the Scroll-Keeper
skekEkt, the Ornamentalist
skekSil, the Chamberlain
skekSo, the Emperor

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