Skott Freedman is a 25 year old musical artist and bisexual activist on the independent music scene. He debuted on the music scene in 1999 with the album Swimming After Dark which, like all of his albums, was published on his own record label, Violent Yodel Records.

He has four albums:

  • The aforementioned Swimming After Dark, 1999
  • Anything Worth Mentioning, 2001
  • Something Worth Mentioning, 2003
  • Judge a Book, 2005

He also has one four song ep released in 2000 entitled Best Little Boy.

He was a child piano prodigy and his music focuses on the interaction between the piano and his vocal skills, which range over three octaves. A few of his albums have other instruments in the mix, such as banjo, drums, and bass, but the piano and Skott's voice are the dominating sounds.

Lyrically, his writing focuses on personal events and tend towards many serious subject such as loss, though most of the sad songs focus on making it through.

Skott is very open about his bisexuality and tours the nation giving speeches about the sexual orientation and the evident bi-phobia in both the heterosexual and homosexual communities.

His latest release, Judge a Book, is composed of nothing but cover songs from various artists. They range from Green Day's Basket Case to more obscure songs like Jill Sobule's satirical song about the religious right, Soldiers of Christ, in which she provides a second voice to make it a duet, and Magnetic Field's Papa was a Rodeo.

His official website can be found at

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