Sky Kid is a video game by Namco. It was available on Namco arcade hardware, Nintendo Vs. Unisystem hardware, and the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Vs. Version was entitled Vs. Super Sky Kid. A Sky Kid machine will usually be labeled with a marquee that shows a "Sky Kid" logo done in skywriting by a little airplane.

Sky Kid is a cartoonish airplane shooter with graphics that remind me of Mappyland more than 1942. Everything is very cutesy looking, from your little orange plane, to the enemy jeeps, to the landing strip at the end of every level. This is actually a good thing, as "cute" graphics tend to hold up better over time when compared to "realistic" graphics from the same era.

In Sky Kid you pilot a biplane on a right to left scrolling screen, which many people feel is the "wrong way", since most games scroll from left to right. Your mission is to shoot down enemy planes and bomb ground targets. If you are shot you can sometimes recover by hitting your loop button repeatedly. Look for hidden bonus features inside of innoculous looking targets. The music and cartoonish graphics are both excellent. This is a great title that has unfortunately been overlooked, probably because it was a conversion kit for Galaga.

The first time you play this game you are probably going to think that it is way too difficult. Try playing it a few more times, as this title seems to have about a ten game learning curve. Here is one tip for you, you don't actually have to bomb those targets they give you, you can simply avoid them instead, and all that happens is that you do not earn as many points as you would have otherwise.

This is a good title to add to your arcade game collection. I would recommend the Namco version, as it is much better than the Nintendo release. This is one of those titles that has seemed to have completely vanished off the face of the earth, I cannot seem to find a real machine anywhere. So you may have a bit of trouble actually finding one of these, but the high replay value will make your search worth the effort.

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