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The Slave Indians (also known as the Slavey or Etchareotinne) are a First Nation indigenous to northern Alberta and adjacent parts of British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. They don't call themselves "Slave," but "Dene Tha" i.e. "woodland people. There are 55 known bands which are considered part of the Slave nation. Traditionally, they consider the musk-ox a sacred animal, and the staples of their diet traditionally consisted of moose, caribou, and fish.

The Great Slave Lake and the Lesser Slave Lake get their names from this tribe.

The Dene Tha are ethnically and linguistically Athapaskan/Dene, and are related to the Piegan, the Blood, and the Blackfeet.

The Tsattine ("Beaver People") are often considered to be Slave Indians, but they consider themselves a separate nation.

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