Slithering Perl Horrors
Scary Scripts for Everythingians

Here are some of my Perl scripts I use to help my node authoring. Well, not just Perl, as you can see I have some elisp and JavaScript here, too.

Bigger scripts are likely under the Artistic License, the smaller likely under "do what you want, no warranty" license.

Make cool metanodes out of your day/dreamlogs! (Removed - promotes bad habits. If you want this, /msg me.)
Everything2 support for sirc
People speaking with brackets? Just /gonode and go there! =)
Everything2 support for irssi
sirc is not maintained actively, so some heretics needed to switch to worse clients. Argh. Well, support needs to stay alive!
Subliminal linking script
This script will create insane subliminal links.
Reads nodes for you.
Small helpful scripts for noders
Some scripts that are too short to be noded separately - Read: übercheesy filters and such.
HTML unlinker for Emacs
To help to import normal HREFfy HTML into E2
E2-related browser tips
Loosely related to this - how to beef up the browser and make it crash more easily. =)

If you're wondering why these are called "slithering Perl horrors", let's just say I want Perl to get back the Python's market share. =) Okay, the real reason: I used it in DayMetaNoder's title, and that kind of, hm, lived on.

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