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Smart Shoes are a revolutionary new product that will help the blind get around without as much reliance on a cane, or seeing eye dog. The shoes use infrared sensors to sense objects and vibrate differently based on the size and location of the objects. Richard N. Castle, as a electrical engineering major, came up with this invention for his senior project. He's already received a provisional patent on the prototype.

This is very exciting news for blind people of course, the possiblities for these shoes are incredible to think about. And the ease of mobility, especially around their own house, with these shoes has got to be one of the most significant invention for the blind in ages. One would think that out in public, where automobiles and possibly running kids etc were around, they wouldn't be as helpful. But around ones own house where objects don't move so often, I think these shoes would permit a blind peson to have both hands free for other uses as they walk around and allow them to get around very quickly.

I have no doubts he will win many awards for this invention, and will post them as I become aware of them.



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