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Snappa Basics

What is Snappa?

Snappa is a drinking game involving a table, four pint glasses, a die, and four players. The game of Snappa goes beyond your typical 'Beirut' or 'Beer Pong' game by including both offensive and defensive elements that call for accurate throws and quick one-handed catches.

Object of the Game

The obvious answer is to be the first team to score seven points. A close second is to make the opposing team drink more than you do, as games will continue throughout the night. For instance, you could be the first team to score seven points and win, but drink three or four more drinks than your opponents. This will come back to haunt you as the games pile up.

Basic Gameplay

Snappa requires two teams of two players, one team at each end of the table. After rolling for first throw, the teams will begin the game.

When throwing, or playing offense, in Snappa requires you are required to throw underhand, seated in your chair, at either of your opponents' glasses.

Defense has you seated in your chair, until the die has left your opponents hand and is in the air. You can then catch the die after it bounces off the table or deflects off the glass. This means that you and your partner must communicate and continue to perform well as the drinks keep flowing. Teammates must work together to throw in alternating turns on offense and not allow the die to hit the floor on defense.

These alternating throws continue until a team has won by reaching 7 points scored.

Equipment, Rules & Scoring


This is the standard issue Snappa equipment, played during almost all situations:

  • Table - one standard issue 6'(l) x 2.5'(w) x 2.5'(h) (182cm(l) x 76cm(w) x 76cm(h)) wooden 'banquet' table (or suitable replacement)
  • Chairs - four chairs, preferably armless.
  • Glasses - four 16 ounce (47cl) pint glasses, placed at the corners, ~4" or 5" (~10cm) in from the side & rear; the thicker the glass, the better! Why use glass instead of plastic? Two reasons; glass gives a much more lively 'deflection' and, secondly, sounds much cooler. (the smart Snappa host will have at least a few backup glasses, as breakage is a possibility)
  • Die - a 5/8" (1.6cm) six-sided die, white preferable for best visibility.
  • Drinks - player's selection.

Basic Rules

Basic rules are as follows: (note that a full set of rules can be found at playsnappa.com)

  • Ready Rule: To start, all four glasses must be placed on the table. (i.e. one hand length in from the end and side of the table)
  • Snap-on Rule: Before a team can throw (at the start of a game, after a break in play, etc) the throwing team or an independent judge, if you are using one, must indicate that the game is on by saying "Snap-on".
  • Underhand Rule: The die must be thrown underhand.
  • One-hand Rule: The die must be caught with only one hand. Note that if the die is caught by an opposing player in his/her mouth, this is a legal catch and results in a 'pizza', which means the other team must buy your team a pizza;
  • Trap Rule: The die cannot be trapped against your body, your teammates body, or any other object other than the table.
  • Height Rule: The die must be thrown above the head of the tallest player sitting at the table during that particular game.
  • In-turn Rule: Partners must always throw in the proper order (i.e. alternate throws);
  • Drink Rule: One glass must be finished in three or four drinks, players choice.
  • Dead-die Rule: If the die hits any obstruction, such as the ceiling or a fan on the throw, it is considered a 'dead throw' and counts as your turn.
  • Games are always played to seven points, and a win can be by one point (i.e. 7-6 is OK). Note: a game that ends 7-0 also results in a 'pizza'!
  • If during a throw, the die bounces on the table, it must hit a cup or bounce off the end of the table inside the 'forty-fives' (imaginary 45 degree angled lines that continue out from each corner of the table) in order to score. A die bouncing outside the 'forty-fives' is called 'side' and is considered a 'dead throw'. No drinking is required on 'side' throws.


A player/team shall score a point AND force the other team to consume their entire glass and then spit the die if:

  1. They throw a die of appropriate height and land it inside one of the opponent's glasses, either directly in the air, from one or more bounces on the table, off another glass, or off of one of the catching teams; body, hands, etc. Essentially if the die ends the turn in an opposition glass after a legal throw, they need to drink and spit!
  2. The opposition team, during their throw, manages to sink the die in their own glass. (yes, this can happen due to deflections off of opposition mugs, etc)
  3. A member of the receiving team blocks the top of their glass to prevent a die from entering. Note, pretending to do this is OK, but having the die actually hit your hand while doing this results in this massive penalty.

A player/team shall score a point AND force the other team to consume one drink, which counts against their drink count of four per glass, if:

  1. They throw a die of appropriate height and have it bounce from the table, without hitting either glass, and have it hit the floor or come to a rest elsewhere without either opponent catching or trapping it. This die must bounce off the table inside the 'forty-fives'.
  2. They throw a die of appropriate height and have it hit either of the opponent's glasses, ricocheting in any direction, and have it hit the floor or come to rest elsewhere without either opponent catching or trapping it. Once the die hits the glass, the 45 degree angle rule is turned off and the die may now leave the playing field in any direction. A die stopping or being physically stopped on the table is a 'dead throw' and does not score;
  3. They throw a die of appropriate height and the opposition team grabs, molests or interferes with the die while it is in flight.

Non-Scoring Drinks

A player/team shall NOT score a point, but will force the other team to consume one drink, which counts against their drink count of four per glass, if:

  1. The opposition team traps the die in any way other than on the table;
  2. The opposition team throws 'out-of-turn';
  3. The opposition team throws a die and misses the table completely (either to the side or long);
  4. The opposition team attempts to catch the die and uses two hands.

Spitting the Die

The cupped player must, upon finishing their drink, take the die into their mouth, and spit it onto the table. Should the die come to rest with the five facing up, the glasses of the 'spittee' and their partner must be refilled and then consumed immediately.

After spitting the five and consuming the drinks, game play continues. You do not continue to spit until you spit a non-five.

Note, the spit die itself must come to rest on the table. If the die falls onto the floor, it must be re-spit.

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