Disney Princess:

A princess born with features such as skin as white as snow, lips as red as rose, and hair as black as coal. Her mother made this prophecy after pricking her finger whilst sewing and dripping the blood onto the snow. One might wonder about Snow White's mother at this point, but parents still don't see anything wrong with letting their children watch masochistic royalty spout statements that may suggest witch craft.

Snow White eventually become so beautiful and charming that not even a scuzzy old man sent by the jealous queen can kill her. She ends up running away and shacking up with seven lonely little men. Fortunately for the audience, the dwarves are able to contain themselves enough to merely accept kisses and cleaning in exchange for housing.

Thankfully for Snow White, her wicked stepmother was ignorant enough to actually create a spell with an antidote. Snow White's lucky that her stalker-err-prince finally finds her again to break the spell. It's awfully coincidental that the exact same prince who had gawked at her near the wishing well in her kingdom came across her nearly lifeless body once again. How lucky for the both of them!

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