Sonic is the largest chain of drive-in restaurants in the United States: their motto is "America's Drive-In." Sonic operates in 28 sunbelt states. Their corporate headquartes is in Oklahoma City. As of February 28, 2001, there were 2250 with most being franchises.

There is a programming language called sonic that is used to do audio programming. DSP functions are easy to do with sonic. This language compiles into c++ code; it doesn't have its own compiler. In this respect, it isnt a real language, but it isn't meant to be. It is currently under development by Don Cross.

update: i think this has sort of died out. I havent seen any activity on the page in quite a while. oh well, at least theres still SAOL

Relating to sound.

  1. Specifically relating to sound waves and vibrations, usually those audible to the human ear. Sounds below this range are subsonic, and above are supersonic.
    Remember, in the case of Sonic Attack,
    Survival means every man for himself.
    - Calvert, Sonic Attack
  2. Related to the speed of sound in air at sea level at 15°C. Exceeding this speed can create a sonic boom. Vastly exceeding this speed means going hypersonic.

  3. Informally, a current or former member of the NBA's Seattle Supersonics basketball club.

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