Souljacker is the 4th album released by the eels. It's the first album on which E collaborated with someone other than his main homeslice Butch. Koool G Murder and John Parish had a heavy hand in creating this new wonderment. It's far and away the hardest sounding eels album, and the guys pulled it off with slick grace.

It also has the funniest liner notes I've seen, ever, by DJ Killingspree. You can find them at

Track listing:

1. Dog Faced Boy
2. That's Not Really Funny
3. Fresh Feeling
4. Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
5. Souljacker Pt. I
6. Friendly Ghost
7. Teenage Witch
8. Bus Stop Boxer
9. Jungle Telegraph
10. World of Shit
11. Souljacker Pt. II
12. What Is This Note?

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