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A supposedly soothing compact disc I picked up about two years ago. I actually used to listen to it quite regularly.. but there was one little problem.

It was meant to promote relaxation, sweet sweet calming sounds of a dreamy tropical rain forest. A trickling stream, softly chirping exotic winged creatures.. Unfortunately, after about 5 minutes (out of 60 minutes total), this high-pitched bird chirping starts in. It's so shrill that it kind of just starts to edge on your nerves, slowly but surely it becomes the only thing you hear.. and then, starts this ominous humming noise. The humming noise is sort of like.. well, it sounds much like the whirring of an engine. It seems to me that someone might have slipped into the rain forest and recorded this track whilst sitting atop a bulldozer, or some such nonsense.

Regardless, after a short while of listening I'd often find myself becoming extremely agitated and screaming at the bird, threatening to shoot it in the head, and the like. It could have been a monkey.. either way, it was just that high pitched screechy noise that I couldn't get past.

The moral of this story? If you're going to buy the relaxation tapes, don't pick them up in a used cd's bargain bin. At least, not the one where I found mine.. then again, the cd was divided into two tracks, and the second half the bird seemed to have left or died or something, but that humming noise was still there. (Maybe it was meant to be relaxing.. it just annoyed me.)

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