Sparco is a company which manufactures aftermarket automotive parts, accessories and clothing for performance, appearance, and safety. Probably best known for their lower-end racing seats, they also make some of the best examples of such products, in the same league as manufacturers like Recaro and Momo. Besides seats, common sparco products typically include interior upgrades like steering wheels, pedal kits, shift knobs, and safety kit like window nets, battery cutoff switches, and racing harnesses (or seat belts.) They also make helmets, and fire suits (or fire-retardant clothing) all the way down to Nomex underwear, all of which meets FIA requirements for all classes.

Sparco Motor Sports Inc.
1852 Kaiser Ave.
Irvine, CA 92614
Tel. 800-224-RACE
Fax. 949-797-1755

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