A malevolent, interdimensional race first encountered by the Borg and the USS Voyager in 2373. They are telepathic in nature, from fluidic space, capable of destroying cubes, and use organic biomass ships (both the Species and their ships are made of the same material). They are regenerative but are vulnerable to the modified Borg nanoprobe. Their ideology is The Weak Will Perish (which I think should be The Weak Shall Perish, but regardless). Captain Janeway gave the Borg information on how to defeat the Species (in 2373) in return for undisturbed passage through Borg territory.

Species 8472 are a species in the television series Star Trek Voyager, named Species 8472 by the Borg according to their naming system, revolving around when the species was encountered. Species 8472 have some telepathic ability, and use this ability to communicate with Kes, a member of the Ocampan species, encountered in the very first episode of Voyager, Caretaker.

Species 8472 are bipedal, but they are not humanoid. They are yellow in colouration, and seem to be taller than humans. They posess the technology to change the way they appear, which must be sustained by regular injections. The USS Voyager discovered a colony of Species 8472 masquerading as humans, training to infiltrate earth, and, as a result, managed to open talks with the species and eventually negotiate peace. Species 8472 also seem to be able to withstand periods in a vacuum, and have been seen walking over the sides of spacecraft.

The USS Voyager crew managed to develop a way of killing Species 8472 using Borg Nanoprobes to infect an individual. Previous attempts by the Borg to assimilate Species 8472 had failed, and only Voyager's holographic doctor (EMH) was able to develope a way to kill them. He did this at first by developing a way to help Ensign Kim, who had been infected by Species 8472 and would have died without his help.

Since the few episodes concerning Species 8472, we have learned very little about them. Since the Borg now possess the technology to harm them, we assume that they stay away from the Borg, and Species 8472 no longer consider Humans a threat.

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