British band from Birmingham consisting of Spencer Davis (guitar, vocals), Pete York (drums), Muff Winwood (bass), and Steve Winwood (guitar, organ, main vocals).

Like many of their contemporaries they were a rhythm & blues band with cmmercial single material; in their case, ska from Jamaica, especially on the first major hit, Keep on running (1965). The SDG don't know what to do with its 'hiccup' backbeat but they do know how to put power and soul into this music; the result, thanks in part to Winwood's singing, is a unique and unmistakeable sound.

Other hits include Somebody help me, Gimme some lovin', I'm a man.

Another single, Time seller, recorded after some changes of personnel, is interesting for its blazing cello accompaniment.

Information partly found on Martin Payne's SDG webpage

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