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So you watched "The Fast and the Furious" and you heard them talking about "3 Honda Civics with Spoon Engines", and you wondered what exactly a Spoon Engine is -- if it's anything other then jargon they made up to make the movie sound cool.

Well, as a matter of fact, a "Spoon Engine" is indeed a real thing, but it's the sort of thing that only racers who are "in on the scene" know much about. It is, quite simply, an internal combustion engine made by Spoon, aka Spoon Sports, a high-performace mechanical manufacturing outfit based out of Tokyo, Japan.

They are expensive, impossible to find and as soon as you tout having one a good portion of the motoring public will label you a "Rice Boy". That having been said, they aren't made to economical, well-mannered or cheap, they are made to go fast.

They do that rather well.

Sure, Spoon makes aftermarket parts for engines, but their main claim to fame is their whole engine kits designed for the Honda Civic, Accord, S2000 and Acura Integra. Spoon doesn't actually make the engines in their entirety, they take Honda engines and rebuild them with their own line of parts giving them what is described as "crazy power". You either have the option of buying a pre-modded engine (a "Crate Engine"), or if you have the cash you can send your own engine to the shop and have Spoon tweak it out and rebuild it for you.

Though I haven't seen any in the flesh, the ballpark figures for Spoon Engineered engine for a garden variety Civic is said to be in the $3,000 USD range above and beyond the base cost of a new stock engine... if you can find one.

Of course, if you can't afford a Spoon engine, you can always buy a Spoon sticker and pop it on your back window, thereby ensuring you are a loser. As one poster in rec.autos.tech said "A Spoon Engine isn't rice; a Spoon sticker is.".

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