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Ok, let's dispel some problems I have with the writeup by StrawberryFrog above (the spelling errors notwithstanding):

  • The name is "springbok", not "springbuck".
  • Athletes who represent South Africa at an international level are called "springboks", but soccer players are not individually called "Bafana Bafana", that is a term for the entire soccer squad. Our cricket team is also now known as the "Proteas".
  • A springbok is also a pretty kewl shooter you can get here in South Africa and is made by pouring half a measure of Amarula, and half mint liquer (poured in slowly, preferably over a spoon, so it does not mix). You take it all in your mouth but don't swallow, shake your head *very* vigorously, allowing the mixture to splish about in your mouth, and then drop it back. Your mouth tastes like a fresh and warm toothbrushing after that.

Spring"bok` (?), Spring"buck` (?), n. [D. springbok; springen to spring, leap + bok a he-goat, buck.] Zool.

A South African gazelle (Gazella euchore) noted for its graceful form and swiftness, and for its peculiar habit of springing lighty and suddenly into the air. It has a white dorsal stripe, expanding into a broad patch of white on the rump and tail. Called also springer.

[Written also springboc, and springbock.]


© Webster 1913.

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