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Spy Boy is a comic from Dark Horse Comics.

It's written by Peter David (Star Trek, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine), illustrated by Norman Lee (Starman, Magic: The Gathering, X-Force) and pencilled by Pop Mhan (Stormwatch, Magic: The Gathering, The Flash).

The story concerns Alex Fleming, a normal high schooler, who discovers that he is actually Spy Boy, a double agent created by various malevolent national powers who has been on the run with his father and grandfather for a number of years. Normally, he's Alex Fleming, average teenager, but when he's shown a particular light pattern, Spy Boy emerges, with super reflexes and tactical thinking. Alex gets exposed, and is told his true past, and must come to grips with the fact that he is in fact sharing his body with Spy Boy, rather than being the same person.

The action is very overdone, with moments of comic humor...it's somewhat reminiscent of Beans Baxter, with moments of terrible seriousness intermixed with exagerated comedy bits.

The end of each issue has the usual anime miniatures of the main characters making comments to each others, as might be seen in a Masasume Shirow comic.

Much like Savage Dragon, the series constantly introduces new bad guys, then kills them off within an issue or two.

The current main/ongoing characters are:

  • Alex Fleming/Spy Boy,
  • Sean Fleming, Alex's Father,
  • George Fleming, Alex's Grandfather,
  • Bombshell, Spy Boy's mysterious partner, who tends to be the one to expose Alex to the lights which transform him into Spy Boy,
  • Butch, the loud-mouthed former bully, now sidekick who comes along and runs his mouth off,
  • Gila, the arch-villianess who apparently was behind the creation of Spy Boy, and who wants him back under her control,
  • Madam Imadam, a mysterious other arch-mysteriss who...well, you know.

Expect lots of cheesy boasting, Alex desperately talking his way out of situations he shouldn't be in, Bombshell scooping Alex's ass out of the fire repeatedly, and Spy Boy doing cool but violent things to save the day. You've seen it before, but it's glossy, and cool, and fun. Come back home, where the Ninja's are fired from the house at top velocity through anti-personnel tubes. Grandpa's got the TV warmed up for ya...

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