Welcome to the force, Og.

As you know, you've been drafted by the village's "Elite Conscription Act"* to fight the Yip clan downriver. Your stick-wielding and screaming skills are top-notch, and the elders have noticed. We are forming a special military unit to get rid of the Yip menace once and for all.

However, for this attack we will be using a new technology we developed in secrecy for just such an occasion.

Look at this, my boy. It's called a "Rock". The Rock is a powerful weapon, and we know of no other technology that can defeat it. A long stick and a lot of screaming used to be able to keep an enemy soldier away, but you can now throw your Rock hard and hurt your enemy from a distance.

We are going to make the rock standard issue in our forces, and old man Pog says he has an idea to make them more lethal by tying them to sticks, but that's a classified project. I envy you, my boy. You are the first of a new kind of soldier, one that will destroy our enemies and give us control of the entire valley. Here's your Rock, my son.

*Honorable nods to Joe Haldeman.

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