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Have you ever wished upon a star?
If you knew it would come true what would you ask for?
Remember be careful for what you wish for...
It just may come true!

Star-light, star-bright
First star I've seen tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might
Get the wish I wish tonight.
(Then you make a wish)

Here is an old poem to help children grant a wish of confidence. As it says in the book Star Light Star Bright by Kristi Sprinkle(this book is available online at http://www.amtexpo.com/babbooks/star/), a child wished upon the first star she sees in the sky for her pet dog to come back. The story continues with the child in anxiety as she wait for her dog to come home. But the next day her wish is granted and the dog comes home. It also tells about the trials of the other stars in the sky who were not as bright as the one the child wished up depressed from their inability to shine. However "Sparkle" the brightest star became sick and could not shine. But "Ray" the other star was not worried about his brightness anymore, instead he was worried about "Sparkle". All of the kids counted on "Sparkle" and "Ray" knew it. So "Ray" was inspired by "Sparkle" and began to shine brighter. The children were able to wish again.

I too used this as I was a child for all sorts of purposes. Sometimes something missing, or any other thing that can dampen a child's spirit will get a little boost just by saying this before bedtime. It is easy to remember and very short, making it an ideal prayer if that is what you would want to call it. I, like the child in the story, used this poem to have my dog come home. Once in a while probably because of coincidence my wish would be "granted" boosting my belief in the poem. I like thinking that there was something or someone out there that could make life easier just by saying four little lines, and then making a wish.

This poem for me however now brings up many questions about faith. Are stars so powerful that they can grant wishes? Are we underestimating the power of the large ball of fiery gas? I don't know. Wouldn't it be interesting though if something out there controlled the brightest star at night and allowed that one star all the wishes children of Earth set upon it. One star picked night after night to have the extreme power of granting children wishes. Or not to grant for that matter. Who knows?

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