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Once you were the sun to me.

Before you took your light away.

And, at your leaving, you gave me a task.

"Guard the moon" you told me. "Let it shine as best it can, poor weak-lighted thing. Keep it safe. For without you, I know the moon will crash into the sea"

So I guarded the moon.

Day and night I watched it.

I saw the moon behind my eyes even when I was kept apart from it.

I saw it wax and wane. I saw how beautiful, and how scary, it could be.

And I guarded it with all my soul, for I knew, every moment, that it could, without warning, plunge into the sea and be extinguished.

For ever.

I knew that because you told me so.

And if that happend I would have no light.



Years passed, and with the absence of your fierce light, the moon's ilumination became the only light in my thoughts.

She never burned, but her light was quite bright enough to read by.

Sometimes I remembered you as a far away star, glimmering.



Guarding the moon from harm is a hard job. It's lasted a quarter of a century so far...

Sometimes it's been almost impossible.

But the moon didn't fall into the sea.

The moon didn't drown.

The moon still is


...sometimes I miss the sun.


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